Determination of Furan Compounds (ASTM D5837)


You should always keep in mind the role that life is the life of the transformer, and therefore the main concern we have when a maintenance policy is set , is to keep the paper in the best conditions.

Degree of polymerization ( dp ) : a new transformer insulation paper has a dp on the order of 1200 and this declines as you age to reach values ​​of the order of 200 , reducing the tensile strength thereof.

By liquid chromatographic analysis , one can determine the content of furan compounds in the oil , the presence of which show a thermal stress of the paper. There is a direct correlation between the amount of furan compounds and the degree of polymerization ( DP ) achieved .

The furan compounds formed by the degradation of cellulose , are soluble in the oil. And by means of liquid chromatography can be determined qualitatively and quantitatively the following compounds:

5 – Hydroxymethyl -2- Furfural

furfuryl Alcohol

2 – Furfural

2 -Acetyl Furano

5 – Methyl-2- Furfural