We are a laboratory located in the city of Irapuato, Guanajuato, conceived with the sole objective of meeting the needs of industries to track the status of your electrical equipment insulating oil, mainly transformers and reactors.

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When is it necessary to perform an analysis of control?


 When the oil new, conducting the necessary tests for its acceptance.
Diagnose tests to determine if a new or used transformer its faulty.
 Monitoring transformers in service, to define when to maintain them and fix their faults.
 The conditioning of oil after repairing the transformer to ensure if it is suitable for continuing service in optimum conditions.
 When it is necessary to verify that the oil was not stored inside contaminated bags while the transformer was repaired.
 The decline and replacing the oil when it reaches the end of its useful life
When its necessary to verify the oil can no longer work inside a transformer.

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Insulating Fluids Manual

As a result of many years of experience and study in the field of analysis of insulating oils, Mr. Antonio Montes de Oca developed a “Manual Fluid Insulators”, which decides to transmit their knowledge. Currently this list the third edition, which is available to customers for sale so you can see and answer any questions about the following topics:

  •  CHAPTER I: Preparation of Insulating Oils.
  • CHAPTER  II: Insulating Oil Testing.
  • CHAPTER  III: Sampling Insulating Oils.
  • CHAPTER  IV: Other Insulating Fluids.
  • CHAPTER  V: Insulating Oils Conditioning Prior to Filling Power Transformers.
  • CHAPTER  VI: Mineral Insulating Oil Regeneration.
  • CHAPTER  VII: Corrosive sulfur.
  • CHAPTER VIII: Chromatographic analysis of dissolved gases in the insulating oil to interpret incipient faults in transformers and reactors.
  • CHAPTER IX: Determination of furan compounds and degree of polymerization to estimate transformer life.
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